It’s one thing to come home from work and feel like taking a shower.  It’s another thing to come home from work and HAVE to take a shower, because the balmy 70-degree temperature outdoors translates to over 87 degrees inside my library.  Because, you know, it’s October and the air conditioning has been turned off for the year and nothing you can say will get it turned back on.  We’ve got all of our fans on, but they’re just barely keeping us conscious.  Anyway, we’ve been spending our days feeling gross and cranky.  And Lord knows, it’s not fun to be around us when we’re gross and cranky.

In other news, I’ve been keeping busy with class visits (I presented my booktalks to an ESL class today through a translator, which was a very weird experience!)  I still need to go through my photos from Open House New York, and that will take some time.  And speaking of pictures, my boyfriend booked us on a fall foliage cruise this weekend, so I’ll have many MORE pictures to sort through soon.  And I’m reading YA books for one committee, and then more for another committee, and the idea of reading grownup books ever again is going WAY down on my triage list.  This also means that I’ve been spending my time reading lots of awesome YA books, most recently including Girls Like Us by Gail Giles, which kept me wide awake (and crying) until 1:00 am.  Oof.

And speaking of which … time for more reading!