I spent the morning at the opening of a local school library, which meant that I only had to talk for about five minutes and then I walked around taking pictures of the ceremony for the school librarian for the rest of my stay.  I also got to do a little networking with the school staff and the local politicians (I met our new councilman, and he was very pleasant and funny).

Then I spent the afternoon walking around New York Comic Con … and walking … and walking … and walking.  I used to go to one or two panel discussions back when they would have the panels first and open the show floor afterwards.  But now they’re opening everything up at the same time.  So other than a delightful detour to the Thrilling Adventure Hour booth (I got a poster signed for my boyfriend’s daughter, and I got to talk to Paul F. Tompkins about his appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast!!!) I mostly walked around for hours buying stuff and picking up freebies for my kids until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore.  And then I came home to have dinner and rest.

Tomorrow I have to go downtown for a meeting in the morning, and then I’ll come back home to collect my NYCC freebies and bring them in to work … where I’ll have my most popular Teen Advisory Group meeting of the year.  Even kids who frequently space out on meeting dates tend to come in on Comic Con freebies day 🙂