After dealing with a couple of things messing up this week (including a class visit that was cancelled but I didn’t learn about it until I arrived at the school), I spoke at a staff training this morning and got some very nice feedback on my presentation.  My portion of the training was to talk about readers advisory for teens, to share examples of using social media to find and share reading recommendations, and to explain the concept of booktalking and give examples of booktalks to the group.

I received several compliments, including one that seems like the adult variation of the teen comment, “you sound like you could be on TV!”  Only this time it was a grownup telling me that I had “a good voice for NPR.”  Which made me laugh.  And several of the participants asked questions both during and after the presentation that told me that they’re interested in writing blog posts, and class visits, and booktalking.  So that was also positive because it was good to know that I was talking to a receptive audience.

Tomorrow morning I’m leading another training, although this time it will be about the transition to our new catalog system.  I suspect that this will not be quite as intellectually or spiritually fulfilling, nor will I receive any compliments about my NPR voice.  Ah, well.  Onward and sideways, I suppose …