I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30 and it’s raining out, so I’m already missing my goal of beating the crowds to the farmer’s market.  In fact, I just might scrap the plan altogether.  It was different when I lived so much closer to it — now that I have to wait for a bus to get there, it’s not such an appealing idea on rainy days.  Aaaaaaand … my boyfriend just called to tell me that it’s raining so much that the streets are starting to flood.  Urgh.

Well, I’ve had a fluctuating list of tasks for the last week, and there’s a bunch of stuff I never had time to do.  I need to write my 5-minute speech for a school library opening I’ll be attending next week, as well as some presentational stuff for a library training I’ll be doing.  And I have to write and share some book reviews, update my library’s Tumblr posts, work on some email, and … well, I could always read some more books.  That’ll keep me busy.

Later this weekend we’ll be going out to dinner, visiting my brother, and putting up the blinds in the apartment.  Then next week is going to be SUPER busy.  Every day next week I’ve got class visits, programs, meetings … and most of my free day is going to be spent attending panels and looking for freebies at New York Comic Con.  Busy busy busy!