This morning my boyfriend dropped me off at the farmers market on his way to the gym. I bought broccoli, corn, strawberries, pumpkin spice bread, “everything” bagels, San Francisco sourdough bread, strawberry and butter pecan ice cream, and lemon yogurt.

Then I went to C Town to get a container of Cool Whip Lite (which, when mixed with an equal amount of lemon yogurt and a tiny bit of sugar can be served parfait-style with sliced strawberries as one of the simplest and best desserts EVER).

Then I went to Darling Coffee to get a ham and cheddar biscuit and a large mocha for breakfast, plus a piece of pumpkin-bourbon Bundt cake for my boyfriend. Then I hauled all that stuff home.

The plan was to do stuff with my boyfriend this afternoon, but his mother needs his help around the house so those plans are on hold. Instead I did some more unpacking within my closet and then settled down with my pile of books and my mocha. I’ll have to take advantage of these quiet times when I find them. Tomorrow we’ll be busy shopping and then giving my brother another cooking lesson.