Today was one of the days that we had enough staff that I could be spared from my branch for an entire day, which hardly ever happens anymore.  So I was able to conduct more class visits than usual at one of my local high schools — a bunch of morning classes all in a row, then enough time to scarf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the librarian’s office, then another class in the afternoon.  Then I came home, ate some more food, and promptly fell asleep for three hours.  Now I’m all woozy and disoriented, trying to get fully conscious again so that I can do things like catch up on all the email I didn’t have time to write all day.


I did have several positive experiences today.  I mean, just getting to visit this school was positive in the first place.  First their librarians were all “excessed,” and then their school library was closed for several years, so just getting my foot back in the door was great in itself.  The library hasn’t had its “official” opening yet, so it still looks lovely and the kids were all impressed by how roomy and spacious it was (a bunch of dividing walls had been removed since the last time I’d visited, it has all-new furniture, etc.)  And the kids were well-behaved and enthusiastic about the books!

Oh, and my most heartwarming moment of the day was during the third or fourth class just after I’d just finished presenting my booktalks.  The kids were all milling around looking at the books when one of the girls said, “This is the first time I’ve ever been hyped to go to the library!”

That brought me a flash of the happiness I needed to lift my spirits and restore my energy.  And so of course I grabbed my iPod so I could write that down and record it for posterity.  Positive comments from teenagers are sometimes few and far between, so it’s always a good idea to write them down.

My boyfriend just called to see how I was doing.  The last time he called I was still in bed and my brain was still in the mushy stage.  He pointed out that the way my classes had been scheduled — four periods in a row before a break — was against the teacher’s contract.  I said, “Yeah, but I’m not a teacher and I’m not under your contract.”  He said, “Now you see why teachers can’t be scheduled for more than three periods in a row!” and I agreed with him while I was still yawning.  Still, though, it’s a big boost for my statistics that I’ll be visiting a dozen classes like this, even if I do feel like a wrung-out dishrag afterwards.  Oh, and I’ve also been invited to speak at the library’s “official” opening ceremony, which will also help my statistics but will be WAY less labor-intensive.

Okay, I’ve got one more day of class visits followed by sleeping tomorrow.  Then just morning visits after that, and getting back into a “normal” work routine.

Off to catch up on reading and email and stuff …