Life in the new apartment goes from being way too relaxing (and having too many places where I can CHOOSE to relax) to trying to figure out the triage of what needs to be done next.  As in … buying new living room furniture, getting the books / DVDs / bookcases moved out of the storage unit and into the “library,” getting a kitchen island (that will really be more of a kitchen peninsula), getting a piece of furniture for the entranceway that will be for putting stuff in and on, sorting through bins of STUFF which (if we’d gone through everything properly ahead of time) we might have thrown out rather than haul it here in the first place … etc. etc. etc.

Well, tomorrow is my free day, so I’m trying to assign myself some manageable tasks.  Picking up a DVR unit at Time Warner Cable.  Buying new pillows for the couch at Target.  Going to the storage unit to give them my new address and figure out how I can get my stuff delivered from there to our new place.  Figuring out how public laundromats work.  All in all, it should be an exciting / exhausting day.

I’m going to be recording some podcasts this week, both on my own and as part of a group discussion.  And here is where I’ll learn about the recording dynamics of my new place.  Hopefully I won’t sound like I’m in an echo chamber in my roomy new apartment.

Work is work, and work in September means that class visits are beginning in earnest.  This week I’m taking visits from several 7th grade charter school classes, then next week I’m visiting a local high school to see a bunch of classes, then the week after that I’ll probably be returning to my favorite middle school to see all their 7th graders.

My colleagues are usually either entertained or bewildered by my persona shift when I get into class visit mode.  I start dressing better (Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  I don’t wear BLUE JEANS on class visit days).  I’m mentally juggling class visit schedules, who brought over which library card applications to process, and which booktalks I’ll be able to cram in my head in time for each visit.  All of which means my mind is not as focused on the other stuff I also need to do during the day.  On class visit days, I’m at my most professional, interesting, personable, brusque, and distracted, sometimes all at once.

Good times!

Plus, I’m swamped (in an overwhelming but positive way) by a couple of YA-oriented committees I’ve been working on.  One of them involves shaping the future of young adult services, and one of them involves reading and reviewing a boatload of books.  Oh, and because I clearly wasn’t busy enough, I volunteered for an outside project that will also involve reading a boatload of books … and I was accepted to the project.  I may come to regret this later, but in the meantime my brain will grow and grow.

When I was an English major in college, one of our professors told us, “Being an English major is very valuable because you’ll have something interesting to think about while you’re standing on the unemployment line.”  Ha-Ha!  What a card!

That being said, perhaps I can get some multitasking done and work on memorizing my booktalks while I’m standing on line at Time Warner Cable tomorrow …