Yes, an iPod and a hotspot are very helpful during internet downtime, but they can only get you so far.  TWC came and installed the cable modem yesterday, and so far our use of “turbo speed” rather than “high speed” does seem to be an improvement.

I don’t have a lot of time to write at this moment — we’re going over to my brother’s place this morning, and then going shopping for a DVD/BluRay player.  But here are some pictures with highlights from the last week or so:


Blue Smoke BBQ

The food at Citi Field turned out to be very nice, indeed.  This was some brisket and pulled pork with baked beans and cornbread from Blue Smoke BBQ, and we also enjoyed their chipotle chicken wings.  We also had an exotic “buffalo” hot dog, garlic fries, popcorn, Pepsi, a strawberry daquiri … you know, the usual ballpark staples!  Oh, and in addition to all the food, we got to see a baseball game, too!

Citi Field at Sunset

We had a good time, the game was fun, the Mets won (yay!), and I only asked my boyfriend obnoxious questions like, “So which ones are the Mets again?  Are they the ones wearing blue?” a COUPLE of times.  Oh, and at one point a group of loud women came and sat directly in front of us yapping to each other about their box of Baked by Melissa cupcakes more than they bothered actually watching the game.  I started to think that could have been me if circumstances were different … but you know what?  If it costs over $100 a ticket to see the game, I’LL WATCH THE FRIGGING GAME!

Oh, and since I know you were wondering, this is as close as I got to Mr. Met:

The Closest I Got to Mr Met

The actual Mr. Met did come out a couple of times to do some dancing / posing / shooting T-Shirts out into the audience.  But he didn’t come close enough to traumatize me.

Most of the rest of my life has been consumed with moving into the new place, including installing our super-smart TV:

Installing Our Smart TV

This is the channel the installer chose to put on to demonstrate that the cable signal was working.  He also put the volume at, like, 50.  I’m not sure what that says about him.

The bedroom furniture delivery was very exciting, and the furniture just barely fit into the bedroom.  No, I’m not exaggerating.

Our New Furniture BARELY Fits

The bed is also higher than it seemed at the store, so we kind of have to hoist ourselves up into it at night.  Once we’re up there, we feel like kings, but God forbid we ever roll over and fall out of bed in the middle of the night.  Let’s just say it’s a big adjustment from our years of sleeping in a studio apartment, which meant using a sofa bed, an air mattress, or a recliner.

The other thing I’ve been doing more is taking public transportation as I go back and forth to work / meetings / book club / etc.  My boyfriend dropped the car back off at his parents’ place because parking in this neighborhood was becoming more and more of a challenge while they were repaving streets.  Two highlights from the last week:


I was sitting on the bus, and thought, EVER?  Why does her shoe say EVER?  Then I looked over and saw that the other shoe said WHAT.  Frigging hilarious.

And I’ll leave you guys with this, a surprisingly pretty view of a subway platform at the end of the day:

Windows to the Subway Platform