So everything is out of the old place and into the new place, except for the stuff that we discovered was too old / terrifying / broken to move. Most of the new apartment is in a state of barely controlled chaos, except for the bedroom that’s filled with all-new furniture and this portion of the living room (of course the TV and my computer had to be set up first).

Today I had to spend a frigging hour on line at Time Warner Cable to return my old cable equipment because it was SO old that when the guy who installed the new stuff put in the serial numbers they weren’t listed in the system anymore. I cheered myself up afterwards by doing some fancy food shopping for dinner. Then I got back home to call Verizon to see about getting FIOS internet installed, only to learn that it’s not available in my building after all. So I might end up having to go back to TWC for internet access unless I can find a better option. Pffffft.

We’re going to spend the next days and weeks unpacking and rediscovering things. Then once things are in better order I can get our old books and DVDs out of storage and make our “library” room live up to its name. And THEN we can put up our artwork and make this place presentable for our guests!