Tomorrow is going to be busy, and Saturday is going to be even busier.

Tomorrow I’m having my summer reading club party, which means I’ll be busy checking reading logs, making certificates, setting up the prizes and refreshments, and then running the show.  Oh, yes, and then after that I’m going to a Mets game.

If you’re thinking, Wait … WHAT? then … yeah, you and me both!

My boyfriend received a pair of tickets to a Mets baseball game as a birthday present from his colleagues several months ago.  While he usually attends sporting events with one of his moron guy friends, this time he invited me to go with him, instead.  Perhaps he wanted us to have a unique bonding experience, or perhaps all his friends of the male persuasion were busy.  In any case, my main goal of the night is to stay as far away as possible from this guy:

Mr Met

Because, OBVIOUSLY, Mr. Met strikes fear into my heart at a very primal level.  That perpetually happy, glassy-eyed stare is the stuff of nightmares.

Mr Met Closeup

Anyway, my boyfriend is trying to put a positive spin on things for me by sending me links to all the cool food I can eat at Citi Field.  So, yeah, I guess if I can focus on food instead of having to watch the game, that could be nice.  I mean, it would be weird if I took out a book and started reading during the game, and my boyfriend might get annoyed if I spent my time asking him what was going on.  In any case, I will do my best to be a good girlfriend and not be a downer and make the best of things.  And hey, I can always go scouting for food while my boyfriend is watching the game!

Then there’s Saturday.  And Saturday means we’re having the rescheduled furniture delivery from Bob’s Discount Furniture, AND the cable installation guy is coming, AND the movers are coming to the old apartment to pick up our bigger stuff (couch, desk, entertainment center, baker’s rack) and moving it to the new apartment.

Sunday we’ll pick up the last bits and pieces from here and bring them over there, and leave the keys with the super as we get ready for the next chapter in our lives.  Which will consist mostly of unpacking for a while, followed by a housewarming party or two, followed by getting a new cat to share the apartment with us (and there will be much rejoicing!)