Today was my first day back at work after a week and a half off, most of which was spent either moving stuff or waiting for workmen / delivery guys to show up.  The positive side of doing most of the moving ourselves over the process of several weeks and only hiring professional movers for the biggest pieces at the end is that it saves us a lot of money.  The negative side is that spending several weeks driving back and forth, packing and unpacking, lifting and boxing and unboxing means that it’s easy to become … I’ll say “disenchanted” with the whole project:


On Monday and Tuesday my boyfriend went back to work while I did other stuff in the apartments with varying levels of success.  Since I’m one (comparatively weak) person and I was taking the bus back and forth, there was only so much I could carry.  But I did some packing, more unpacking, waiting around for and paying the locksmith (who was chattier than he needed to be) and waiting for the furniture delivery guys who were supposed to bring our bedroom set but — SURPRISE — showed up one hour before the 3-hour window they gave us, and we ultimately had to reschedule.  Which means that now our Saturday is going to be TOTALLY packed, because we’ll have the bedroom delivery / assembly people, the cable installation guy, AND the movers who will transport our “big” furniture from our old apartment to our new one.  And then we’ll have Sunday to move anything that’s left and straighten up the place a little, and then on Monday we can recuperate.  And, you know, unpack.

Oh, and if I seem a little more out-of-touch than usual at the beginning of September, that’s because I haven’t finalized my internet options yet.  I think I’ll be eligible to get FIOS, but I need to get my phone set up at the new place first.  If that doesn’t work, then I’ll get it through Time Warner Cable (which is my current internet connection, which leaves something to be desired).  So for the first week or so of September, my internet connection will consist of my iPod/iPad and our trusty hotspot, which is not QUITE the same as having an actual computer.