My boyfriend picked up the keys to our new apartment yesterday and took a look around and got some pictures for me.  Everything is great except the child-safety bars are still in the windows and we wanted them removed, so that still needs to be sorted out.

We tried to go there together this afternoon, but a bunch of streets in the neighborhood were closed off so there was no place to park and we ended up coming back home instead.  My boyfriend has next week off, so he’s going to get some painting done (they already did a basic whitewash of everything, but he wants to do a cool two-toned look like we have at our current place).  Then we both have off the next week after that, so we’re going to be doing most of our moving at that time.  And then we’ll be hiring movers for the heaviest stuff at the end.

My plan is to go and take lots of pictures of the empty apartment and document how we fill it up, but for now I’ve got the pictures my boyfriend took to tide me over.

New Place 1Kitchen

New Place 2Bedroom

New Place 3Bathroom, featuring the claw-foot bathtub!

New Place 4The second bedroom, which we’ll use as … an office?  A den?  A party room?  A library?  Okay, we haven’t quite figured that out yet.