I know, I know.  I’m usually better about posting here semi-regularly, at least.  I’m not sure if I’ve been more busy, or tired, or distracted, or all of the above.  But in any case, while I’m here waiting for the Excedrin Migraine to kick in and washing it down with coffee, I can fill you in on some of the things that have been going on lately.

The beneficiary paperwork for my mom’s estate is crawling along.  I haven’t been back to Chase bank since my last 2-hour visit, and I’m hoping that I won’t have to go through something like that again (although I am going to have to sit down with someone at some point and have a conversation about how I want my IRA invested.  Urgh).

Part of the slowdown is the paperwork involving my mother’s estate, which the lawyer is working on.  So I had to go to the lawyer’s office to sign papers to apply to be the executor of the estate.  Then those papers had to be sent to my brother to get his approval, which meant he has to go to a notary public to get those forms signed and sent back.  Just the events of those last two sentences have taken well over a month.  Every weekend when I visit my brother, I’m basically spending time cross-examining him:

Did you get the letter from the lawyer yet?  They should have sent it already.  Did you get it yet?  Okay, good.  I’m glad you finally got it.  Where did you put it?  Okay, so you’re going to have to sign it HERE and HERE and HERE, but you have to wait until you get to the notary public to sign it.  Don’t forget to bring your ID.  Okay, did you go to the bank yet to ask about this message we got about the old checking account?  Did you set up the IRA account yet?  I wrote it for you on that sticky note … yes, THAT sticky note … okay, well, the NEXT time that you go to the bank, and there isn’t a big line, and you don’t have to get quarters for laundry, and you have time to talk to somebody in one of the cubicles, PLEASE talk to them about setting up the IRA so that we’ll be able to fill out these beneficiary forms for you so we can get Mom’s accounts transferred over …

Of course, I’m bad about keeping up with stuff myself.  I still haven’t sent out the thank-you notes to people who attended or contributed to my Mom’s memorial service … back in MAY …

In my defense (?) I’ve been dealing with a bunch of other work-related tasks — book committee stuff / training meetings / branch stuff — as well as moving prep — switching over phone / cable / electric accounts, furniture shopping, etc.  And in other news about starting the next big chapter of my life, my boyfriend will be picking up the keys to the new apartment on Saturday.  Woo-Hoo!

Decades from now, I’ll be looking back at 2014 as one of my best and worst years.  But for now, I’m just kind of exhausted with everything.  At least now I’m exhausted from working on positive changes and upgrading my living situation, rather than exhausted from crying and feeling out of control.  So … yay?

In exhaustion / frustration / morale news, over the last month I’ve been put in charge of more things than usual at work.  That has included both bigger and smaller things, from “You’ll be in charge of the branch more often” to “You’re in charge of the YA book club this month” to “You’re in charge of this committee for now.”  Which has been … not unwelcome, exactly, but just weird.  I’m definitely capable of being in charge of stuff, but since I don’t WANT to be in charge, I never volunteer to be in charge.  And yet a bunch of things have all been dropped into my lap at the same time.  Well, I have enough seniority in my branch and in my system that I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.  But it’s also like when I was contacted a few days ago to speak to a reporter who was looking for a resident expert in a particular area of YA literature.  On the one hand, I do know a lot about the subject, and there’s evidence of that in my reviews and blog posts.  On the other hand, most of my fellow experts are gone because they retired or quit … so I’ve kind of become a resident expert by default.

In other exhaustion / frustration / morale news, I MIGHT be transitioning from perimenopause into … you know … ACTUAL menopause.  Okay, the last few times I thought that, my monthly crisis kicked back in, but MAYBE this time it’s really over.  Which would be lovely, and very much welcome.  Things are still not quite what they used to be (my moods, my metabolism, my appetite, my body being the way I expect it to be), but at least I haven’t been going into long crying jags over everything and nothing.  So THAT’S been some progress, at least.

I do have other stuff that I’ve done and stuff going on, but these are the things I’ve been thinking about the most lately.  And now it’s after 6am and I need to start getting into work mode.  I have to get ready for a meeting downtown where I’m going to be in charge of stuff.

Oof.  Clearly, it’s time for more coffee.