My boyfriend is upstate at an educators’ conference this weekend, so I had to decide how I was going to fill my time.

My first instinct was, naturally, to be the female version of Tom Cruise in Risky Business when he’s a kid who has the house to himself.  Except instead of running around the house in my underwear and lip-synching to Bob Seger music I would be … hanging out with my hair in curlers, wearing a facial mask, and eating bonbons?  That’s what chicks do, right?

Then there was my second instinct, which sprang from my “no boyfriend + no cat = ZERO snuggling opportunities!” realization.  But the idea of inviting all of the neighborhood dogs to my apartment for a massive snuggle party was, I admit, pretty unrealistic.

So instead I’m going to go to my brother’s place first to check up on Stuff That Needs To Get Done, then from there I’ll take the express bus downtown and go to see a movie or two.  And then I’ll do some fancy food shopping on the way back home.  Now, I still have to figure out what to do tomorrow …