I read and reviewed a few books.  I supervised a couple of teen programs, and the kids who showed up were pleasantly well-behaved.  I went to a meeting where I got to use the librarian part of my brain by discussing and recommending books.  One of my blog posts is doing well on my library’s website.  And I had a VERY productive free day …

The lousy (but necessary) part of my day was my visit to the bank that took over two hours.  Most of that visit was dealing with beneficiary paperwork and other stuff — setting up a savings account and an IRA in my own name, and then arranging to have my designated portions of my mother’s accounts roll over into my accounts.

The worst part was that the bank employee I had to deal with was in full “salesperson” mode, and I had to keep fending off her various offers.  No, I didn’t want a credit card because I was fine with my debit card.  No, just because I was moving didn’t mean I needed help with a mortgage.  I always make an effort to avoid pushy salespeople, so being a captive audience for several hours like that was REALLY annoying.

Another weird consequence of my visit is that my boyfriend is now listed as the beneficiary of several of my accounts (I always used to list my mother or my brother, and I don’t have too many options left).  I later told my boyfriend that on the one hand if I died he would inherit a moderate windfall … but that based on my knowledge of true crime TV shows, if I died any time soon it would look reeeeeeally suspicious.  So I think the moral of this story is that he’s not likely to kill me anytime soon.

And on that happy note, let’s move on to the SPLENDID part of my day off …

After I left the bank, I made my way to a food destination I’ve been dying to visit, the Gotham West Market on 11th Avenue.  And OMG, this is one of my new favorite places in New York City!  I bought a bunch of food to enjoy there, and then stuffed the tote bags I’d brought with me with stuff to bring home to share with my boyfriend.  If you can get to the western edge of midtown Manhattan, it’s absolutely worth a visit!!!

Gotham West Market EntranceGotham West Market entrance

Balanced DietA Balanced Diet …

Directions Inside the MarketDirections inside the market

On the StepsOn the steps

Shrimp Tacos French Fries Mexican CokeShrimp tacos, french fries, and Mexican Coke from Genuine Roadside.  This is either a balanced diet or an international one!

Ivan Ramen menuIvan Ramen Slurp Shop menu

Always Be YourselfAlways Be Yourself …

Dark Chocolate and Salty Caramel Ice CreamDark Chocolate and Salty Caramel ice cream from the Jeni’s Ice Cream pop-up stand that is scheduled to be here until September.  OMG was this delicious!!!!!

A Meal Without WineA Meal Without Wine …

Ice Cream and Iced CoffeesIce cream and iced coffees.  This is the reason I brought an insulated bag with me!

Ramen to GoI thought I was hallucinating when I heard the lady behind the counter say, “the instructions are in the bag with the chopsticks.”  But no, I did get directions for how to assemble and heat up my dish!

Ramen For DinnerYay!  Ramen for dinner!  Or specifically, this is Tokyo Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce, dashi + chicken broth, pork belly chashu, & rye noodles), plus a soft-boiled egg for extra awesomeness!