We signed the lease for the new apartment this week, and I sent in my official notification to my current building management company that I would not be renewing my current lease.  We’re going to have a 2-week overlap in August during which we’ll be moving stuff, painting, having furniture delivered, having stuff installed, etc.  Going from a studio apartment to a 2-bedroom is going to be very exciting — another TV!  More rugs!  A new bed!  And more things we haven’t thought of yet!

I’m sorting out some more website/podcast stuff.  I moved my website content and podcast episodes to a new server several weeks ago, and while my newest content definitely exists on my website and sort of exists on iTunes (the new episodes are showing up, just in a new location), if you actually look up my podcast on iTunes all you see is the old list of episodes which stopped updating several weeks ago.  So I just sent iTunes support an email that I hope was polite, well-constructed, and able to convey that I took multiple steps to try to figure things out myself before bugging them about it.  So we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of podcasts, I have several more episodes in the pipeline on other people’s shows.  So I’m waiting with bated breath to see if my brilliance / hilarity / impeccable comic timing will be revealed soon … ish?

We went to see the Rifftrax presentation of Sharknado at a theater in Union Square this week, and MAN, was that fun!    BTW, if you missed it they’re going to be re-airing it on July 15th!  Go see if it’s in a theater near you!

I went to several meetings in midtown this week, which means that I got to pick up some lovely lunches at Hale & Hearty Soups and Five Guys Burgers & Fries, in addition to some splendid desserts.  Oh … plus I got to exercise my mind, and stuff.  That’s what people usually remember about going to meetings, right?

Tonight I’ll be attending the going-away party for the librarian who’s leaving our system (and whose lovely apartment I’m inheriting!)  So that will mean good company, good food, and good drinks.  It will also mean loud music, but I can put up with that for an hour or two.

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I will visit my brother and deal with some more legal paperwork and banking stuff.  Next week I’ll be going to my bank to start on my beneficiary paperwork, as well as opening my own IRA and perhaps a savings account.  I need to set up several accounts so I can roll things into other things. It’s all VERY exciting.  Or, I suppose, it will be when it’s all over.