In which I open my mother’s jewelry boxes and cookbooks and make some cool / beautiful / alarming discoveries …

Metal Jewelry Box

Metal jewelry box.  I think this originally had a more mundane use (perhaps a cookie tin?) but my mother used it for jewelry.

Cufflinks for Fancy BlousesCufflinks for fancy blouses


Screwback EarringsScrewback earrings

Part of the Amber CollectionPart of the amber collection, containing one object that is the largest piece of amber I’ve seen outside of a museum.  I believe that necklace belonged to my great aunt, because I KNOW I would have remembered if I’d seen it before.

A Home Made Amber PinA home made amber pin.  At least I’m guessing it is, if the fastening mechanism is made out of a safety pin!

NecklacesNecklaces.  I especially remember that blue one from seeing it in pictures and from playing with it when I was a child.

Clip On Earrings on a Bvlgari PouchClip-on earrings on a Bvlgari pouch.  Don’t get too excited — my father once worked for Bvlgari, so the pouches were probably left over from that time.

Cool Gold ClaspCool gold clasp

Part of the Comb CollectionPart of the comb collection.  Yeah, the jewelry boxes contained more than just jewelry, including these blasts from the past.

Box Painted With FlowersBox painted with flowers.  I have very strong sense memories associated with this box.  I remember the look, the feel, and the smell of it.  I picked it up and thought, “The only thing I ever remember being in here was my mother’s wedding ring,” and when I opened it that’s exactly what was inside.  On the bottom of the box is painted the phrase “Hand painted in Kashmir,” which made it feel very exotic.

Small Painted Jewelry BoxSmall painted jewelry box … perhaps Russian in origin?

Wooden Jewelry Boxes and Even More AmberWooden jewelry boxes and even more amber.  I think all of these belonged to my great aunt.

Tarnished PinsThe pin on the left is made from a Latvian coin, and my mother and I each wore it for years.  The one on the right is one I remember my mother wearing on her winter coats when I was a kid.

Pins After CleaningPins after cleaning

Cookbook AssortmentCookbook assortment

A Delightful Looking DishA delightful-looking dish.  How cool!  How appetizing!  But, wait … what is it?

Brain CurryBrain curry?  AIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pork Stuffed Fuzzy MelonsPork-Stuffed Fuzzy Melons.  I don’t know which is more alarming — the idea of pork stuffed into fuzzy melons, or the fact that the last step in the recipe is putting it in the MICROWAVE for 15-20 minutes!

Basic Cantonese Cooking Basic Cantonese Cooking

Nobody Ever Tells You These ThingsNobody Ever Tells You These Things About Food and Drink

Clam OmeletA clam omelet recipe (!!!) from a St. Bartholomew’s church cookbook

The Benefits of Lift Out StonewareThe benefits of Crock-Pot’s “lift-out” stoneware

Kahlua CocktailsKahlua & Cocktails.  I’m amused by the idea of “Kahlua Aggravation,” even if it doesn’t sound very appetizing.

Pancakes AplentyPancakes Aplenty.  This is now one of my new favorite weird/retro cookbooks!  And here are some reasons why …

Flipping PancakesFlipping pancakes

Fancy Luncheon DishA luncheon dish that will make your reputation!

Turkey PancakesI don’t know which is more alarming — that these are pancakes with turkey in them or that A TURKEY IN A BONNET AND APRON IS SERVING THE PANCAKES.

Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches… a treat for the younger set!

Adorable Soda Straw HoldersAdorable soda straw holders

Puffy OmeletThe horror … the horror …

Foolproof OmeletFOOLPROOF OMELET.  For the young bride who wants so desperately to keep her man happy that she’ll throw her apron on right over her wedding dress and start cooking!

Okay, that’s all for this thrilling installment.  For more retro fun (and earlier posts about discoveries at my mother’s apartment), please check out the “uncovering the past” tag I set up to link these posts!