Rarely have I had such a productive day off, and rarely have I been so wiped out.  90% of my energy was spent with website migration stuff.  So much that my right arm and shoulder feel very stiff and achy in a carpal-tunnelly kinda way even though I stretched throughout the day and took a long hot shower after I was done to try to loosen myself up again.  I mean, except for some short breaks to eat or to nap, that’s ALL I DID for the entire day.  I didn’t even turn the TV on until after 7 pm when my boyfriend came home from work.

Anyway, ALL of the episodes of my podcast are now in the right place, my new RSS feed is up and running, I’m back up on iTunes again, and all is right in the world.  Oh, I still have lots more stuff to do with uploading pictures and fixing outdated links, but at least the podcast itself is where it should be.

I’ve also set some wheels in motion regarding my mother’s estate.  I just heard back from the estate lawyer who answered some of my questions and told me about some more paperwork I need to do next week.  I also left a message with my accounting-savvy uncle because I’m going to need some help with this beneficiary paperwork that I need to fill out for my mother’s IRA and annuity.

Over the next week or so I’ll be dealing with that financial stuff, as well as interviewing for the new apartment.  This is going to be a hell of a year in the upheaval department.  It does give me hope that I’ll be starting next year off on more secure footing — in a new apartment, with some more money in the bank, and with a new Kitty in our lives.  We just have to get through all of this upheaval stuff first …