I spent much of my week off dealing with irritating things like dealing with banks, dealing with the air conditioner, and dealing with a website migration project.

The bank stuff is still ongoing — I need to consult my uncle to get advice about how to proceed with this beneficiary paperwork and I gave my brother a list of questions for him to bring to his bank next week concerning the accounts he shared with our mother.

The air conditioner is hanging on for now, thanks to an industrial-strength extension cord my boyfriend got to connect it to one of the stronger (and less-used) fuses in another room.  But we’ve ordered another one since this one is definitely dying.

The website migration project is an irritating thing.  It starts with a “one-step process” which then turns into hundreds of steps because some things (like individual podcast MP3s) don’t magically insert themselves into each blog post like I originally thought they would, so I’ve just spent HOURS manually inserting each MP3 into each post.  Since I have several years’ worth of podcasts, it was a very lengthy process.  So right now everything LOOKS fine … except that all of the pictures on all of the posts are being stored on the servers that are going to vanish next week, so presumably I’ll be spending several hours doing the same thing with hundreds of pictures … Urgh.  And no, I haven’t figured out the whole RSS feed thing yet, so I don’t know if THAT’s going to be a smooth transition, and then if that changes then I have to update things with iTunes … Urgh again.

Okay, let’s move on to happier things now.

This has been a good week for food — I made turkey chili, plus I went shopping at Leonidas for chocolates, Bouchon Bakery for sweets, Num Pang for sandwiches, Shorty’s for philly cheese steaks, and Xi’An Famous Foods for exotic noodle dishes and dumplings.  Not to mention the great lunch at the Blue Bay Restaurant in Riverdale and the lovely drinks and fancy bar food at Reunion in Midtown.  And we’re just getting ready to meet the Geek Patrol for dinner (or is that supper?) in Inwood later this afternoon.

I have a couple of podcast recordings scheduled for this week, both of which should be fun and help me lighten up a bit.  Tonight we’re going to be discussing a musical that was one of the formative films of my childhood.  So, yes, you guessed it, I’ve had those songs in my head for DAYS now and I can’t stop singing them!  And then later this week (on another show) we’re going to be discussing a movie that puts the “bad” in “hilariously bad.”  No, seriously.  It’s frigging awful.  But, you know, in a good way.