I’m not sure where to even start with this.  Maybe I’ll start with the good stuff first, so you’ll know that even though this has been a lousy vacation overall, it’s had some moments of happiness.

  • Gloria took me out to lunch, and we had a delightful time.
  • I bought some food at the Num Pang sandwich shop, and while the meat-based sandwiches we usually get were delightful as always (brisket and roasted chicken, yum!) this time we also tried the grilled corn on the cob (with chili mayo, coconut flakes, and chili powder), and OMG that was FRIGGING FABULOUS!
  • I got chocolates from Leonidas, and Leonidas chocolates = happiness.
  • I got to explore one of those NYC parks I’d never been to before, Morningside Park.  And while I was all hot and disheveled by the time I left — it was a hot day and there were a LOT of stairs — it was a really great park for walking and exploring.  And when I left the park I was just a few blocks away from Xi’an Famous Foods so I could pick up something exotic and delicious for dinner.

And now, as promised, the lousy stuff.

  • While my visit to Chase bank was enormously productive (I now have some beneficiary paperwork to fill out and I’ve set other wheels in motion), my visits to HSBC and Scottrade were much less so.  It was all, “We can’t tell you anything, we can only talk to your brother” (which means that I have to prepare a list of questions for him to bring with him when he goes to the bank) or, “We can’t tell you anything unless you submit proof that you’re the executor of her estate, and that might be you or that might be your lawyer …” (which means I had to email my lawyer to ask him what comes next, because I’m damned if I know).
  • The other lousy thing seems like a small thing but it’s really an enormous thing.  My air conditioner is dying, and in the process of dying it’s repeatedly blowing out the fuse which then knocks out everything else in the room, and then it goes downhill from there.  So a bunch of my plans for this week, including podcast-related stuff is all on hold until my boyfriend and I can develop some emergency measures to help us deal with this until our new air conditioner arrives.  He actually ordered a new one that fits our windows, but he might also pick up a portable AC unit at a Home Depot that would be available sooner.  But in the meantime, I’m spending my time sweating and/or swapping out fuses, and it’s cranking up my grouchability factor.

Okay, let’s think of some positive stuff now about the end of the week to cheer me up:

  • I’m going to be stopping by to see my coworkers to do my traditional vacation week “Hey, guys!  I miss you!  I brought sweets!” visit.  And that’s morale-boosting both for me and for them.
  • I’m in the paperwork process for the new apartment!  YAY!
  • Once our electrical issues are stabilized, I’ll have LOTS of pictures to share!
  • And I’m going out to have a lovely meal with the Geek Patrol!