This week has been “mad busy,” as the kids say.  Wait … they still say that, right?

Over the last week I’ve been dealing with empowering things (serving on a committee that has the potential to do Very Good Things for the future of young adult services), brainy things (reading books, writing annotations and book reviews) and frustrating things (dealing with repeated flooding issues at my library).

I also had two strange instances of closure over the last few days.  I changed the wallpaper on my iPod from a picture of my (late great) cat lying among his cat toys in his basket to a picture I’d taken recently from the Broadway Bridge:

Poofy Clouds From the Broadway Bridge

I also returned the last book that was checked out on my mother’s card and then changed the expiration date on the card to cancel it.  Which also felt weird.

I could totally use a week off.  Luckily, that week off starts tomorrow.

Next week, I have some definitive tasks I need to accomplish related to my mother’s estate.  I need to do some pre-planning this weekend, and copy down her various account numbers and then map out where each of her banks is located so I can make the rounds with those certified copies of her death certificate.  I expect that this will be frustrating or demoralizing or sad, but it has to be done.

When I’m not doing that, I’ll try to find some fun stuff to do.  I’m making lunch plans, shopping plans, and photography plans.  Some of which might tie into this cool list I found recently of “off the radar” New York City parks!