Man, could I use a vacation.

My boyfriend and I spent the morning at my mother’s/brother’s place, and while at the beginning of our visit I was at my usual level of sisterly bonding (“If I had to live with my brother, I’d probably throw him out of the window in a week”), by the end of our visit I had revised my estimation (“Remember what I said earlier?  Well, FORGET that!  I wouldn’t last a DAY!”)

Highlights include:

  • The time that he was putting on so much Axe Body Spray that I was starting to feel wheezy even though I was several rooms away.  I walked over to his (closed) door to yell through it that I couldn’t breathe that stuff in anymore and that I needed to wait for him outside.  He stopped spraying just long enough to say “okay,” and then continued spraying.
  • The time he asked me about when I was going to finish dealing with our mother’s stuff, as in, “So how much longer are all those bags of clothes going to be there?  I thought they would have been gone by now.”  My boyfriend stepped in (before I could start strangling him) and explained that we had a LOT of stuff to do, and that I was going to be dealing with the banks first and that we would deal with the clothes later.
  • The time he waited until we said goodbye and were literally stepping into the car to ask how to set up the voicemail on his cell phone, even though he could have asked that any time over the last several hours.

OMG, my patience is wearing thin.  I already feel like a terrible sister by not honoring my mother’s wish to move in with my brother after she died.  But now I’m saying, “Wait … I don’t have to visit him every WEEK, do I?  For the rest of my life???”  And then I feel worse than a terrible sister; I feel like a terrible human being.

That being said, my brother is totally annoying.

After we left my brother’s place, we stopped home briefly and then went to look at an apartment in an adjoining neighborhood where one of my colleagues has lived for the last several years.  Since she’s leaving New York right around the same time that my lease is expiring, she offered to let me take a look at her place.  Our trip there was kind of exhausting because it was mostly uphill, but she told us a shortcut that will make it easier in the future.

Anyway, the apartment was really nice and roomy, with lots of natural light, closet space, wall moulding, and other lovely details.  I don’t know yet if my local realty office will be able to find me anything better, but if not, this place is definitely a viable option.

I have a few more things in the mental pipeline which I’m too tired to work on right now, but there will be some posts coming up involving cooking, more cool finds in my mother’s apartment, and some books I’ve been reading lately that I just love to pieces.