… by which I mean that time has been moving a lot slower than normal, I suppose because I’ve been so damned busy with so much emotionally overwhelming stuff lately.

For example, my boyfriend signed me up for a box of fancy snacks to be delivered to my branch once a month, for me to enjoy and share with my colleagues.  I keep thinking, “When is the next box coming?” but then when I pull my remaining brain cells into focus I remember that the first box came on the 12th of the month, which means that the next box should arrive around the same time.  But I swear to God, that doesn’t feel like a month ago.  That feels like a YEAR ago.

Then again, in other ways time seems to be moving too quickly.  I’m about to hit my 20-year anniversary with my library system, and … I couldn’t be happier?  No, wait, that’s not it …

Well, long story short, I’m surprised I’m still here and I’m surprised how much things have changed over the last five years.  That being said, I’m currently serving on one committee and will be serving on another committee that have the potential to help us recapture some of our former glory.  Or at least, you know, not suck so much.

I’ve had a few things that have been cheering me up and motivating me lately.  The whole idea of checking out new apartments and moving to a bigger place is getting me excited for the future.  A new apartment will mean more room for our stuff, more room to have company over, and more room for A NEW CAT in the fall.  Because dammit, I need a kitty in my life.

Plus, several of those Latvian postcards from my mother’s memorial service have been making their way back to me through the mail every day.  Jeez, Betsy, have I told you lately what a frigging sweet idea that was?

Okay, so I have to get through one more week of work and then I have a week off to do some badly-needed decompressing.  That will be my time to catch up on happy things (long-overdue lunch dates) and annoying things (running around to my mother’s banks to get those records sorted out).  And I will, as always, try to get some fancy food shopping done as well as some NYC exploring.