I spent a lot of time on a photography project for my mother’s memorial service:

Memorial Photo Project

That meant working with some REALLY old photo albums that were literally falling apart.

Old Photo Album

Then it meant spending time choosing and arranging photos, using scrapbooking tape and adhesive dots to attach the photos to foam boards, decorating the foam boards, re-sticking the photos that weren’t attaching correctly, then re-sticking them again, and again, and again …

I paid for the memorial service, and for flowers from me and my brother.

I spent several days visiting classes at a local school, plus one morning speaking at a career day along with a veterinarian, a Marine, and two firefighters.  Which means I spent a bunch of time being recognized and enjoying my minor celebrity status.

My boyfriend is picking out some (very short) religious readings for my mother’s memorial service, and I’m in the process of going over my speech so that I’ll be more comfortable reading it out loud.

I’m occasionally considering things that could possibly go wrong during the service.  And then I try to change the subject in my head and think about something else so that I don’t stress out.

I met some colleagues for a teen book discussion in midtown tonight.  After we shared some gossip, I learned about yet another librarian who will be leaving the system soon.  And another one bites the dust.

I did some cooking, and took a bunch of pictures of the experience (that will be a future post).

I still need to pick out some music to play during the service, and pick out which outfit I’ll wear, and decide whether or not to get my hair cut, and figure out an exit strategy in case anyone freaks out during the service …