Today we went to Target to get some supplies for my mother’s memorial service — foam board, photo tape, etc.  Plus envelopes for mailing out copies of the death certificate to different organizations.  Then we did some shopping at the farmer’s market, had some leftovers from the fridge for lunch, and now we’re relaxing at home. I’m doing stuff online while my boyfriend is watching The Longest Day, which means that I’m looking up from my computer occasionally to say things like, “Hey, look!  It’s Captain Pike!” or “When is my shnoogums showing up?”

I did some quick online searching of stuff we found at my mother’s apartment to see if we’d discovered any hidden treasures.  The box of dishes made by a Japanese company called Ranmaru that were made of something mysterious called “permaceram” turned out to be pretty ordinary, so we’ll unpack those so that my brother can use them.  And I got all excited when I thought that the box of “rocks glasses” we’d found were selling for an average of $50 each … until I realized that $50 was actually the price of a crate of 36 of them.  Whoops.  Well, in either case, I’m going to keep those because they LOOK cool.

Tomorrow we’re going to stop by the funeral home to pay the bill for the memorial service and then spend the next several hours with my brother.  We’re going to collect some photos of my mother and pick out some music CDs for the service, catch up with the mail and bills, go through more of the stuff in my mother’s bedroom, and set up the air purifier we got for my brother.  And maybe we’ll take him out to lunch at a place that actually has vegetables on the menu.

Monday I’m going to scan some of the pictures and add them to the program we’ll have for my mother’s service.  And work on my speech, and upload more pictures, and … you know … everything else …