While there have been expected and unexpected things that have rubbed salt in my emotional wounds lately, I did have my spirits lifted several times over the last week …

I met with an estate lawyer for a consultation, and he helped to clarify several legal points that had been worrying me.  The basic gist of things is that I’m going to be hiring him, which will require a sizeable retainer (yikes!)  While he will be doing the legal legwork of filing papers, tracking down affidavits, etc. I will be contacting various banks, stock trading companies, etc. with my certified copies of my mother’s death certificate and seeing which accounts had beneficiaries listed (which would then go straight to me or me and my brother) and which ones didn’t (which would then need to pass through the estate).  The lawyer made copies of many of the papers I’d brought along with me — I’d grabbed anything with an account number, and anything that looked legally important — and he now has the original copy of her will so he can file it once the rest of that paperwork is done.

We went to see a live showing of The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

We went to see The Book of Mormon!

We went to see Eddie Izzard!  At the super-delightful Beacon Theatre, no less!

[Seriously, though, all of those shows had been scheduled MONTHS ago, before this flood of bad news threatened to drown us.  I can say that it was lovely to have so many pick-me-ups at a time when we were feeling so low.]

I got birthday presents and birthday cards!  Okay, my condolence cards (for my mother AND for my cat) outnumber my birthday cards, but I’m still happy I got something pleasant.

A podcast I’d recorded with several like-minded bad movie buffs came out this week, and wouldn’t you know it, we were HIGHLY entertaining.

I went out to dinner with some friends tonight, which also helped to make me feel like a normal person rather than a person who’s been living under a cloud of death for the last month.

I am making big plans and small plans.  Summer reading club plans, school visit plans, dinner plans, moving to a larger apartment over the summer plans, and getting another cat in the fall plans.