First my aunt passed away.  Then my mother, a week later (largely in part because of her shock at her sister’s passing).  I’m still entangled in the after-effects of her death — Monday morning I’m going to the county clerk’s office to get copies of her death certificate, Wednesday morning I’m meeting a lawyer who will help me with the legal process of dealing with her estate, plus I now have several long-term projects on my hands.  But in the midst of that I have more bad news.

My cat has been getting a lot older a lot faster, and over the last week he’s had a very steep decline.  My last cat died at home over the process of several weeks, and if I could have had that experience to do over again, I would have ended the process sooner.  My boyfriend just came into the living room crying.  He says he has to take the cat to the vet tomorrow to have him put to sleep.

I’m grateful he’s going to do it.

But damn, this has been a lousy year.