Most of the day was ordinary, with a couple of high points.  A visit from a colleague this morning led to a discussion about young adult book recommendations, which led to her telling me that I should teach a course in young adult literature.  Which was very nice to hear, and perhaps has a scrap of truth in it, but frankly my schedule isn’t quite that flexible.  I pointed out that the more publicly productive things I do, like blogging and podcasting, I do from my computer at home late at night when I finally have time to unwind from everything else I’ve been doing during the day.

The rest of the day was okay, if occasionally irritating.  For example, I realized that I had to re-word a lot of the summer reading club description I’ve been using for years because now there’s a heightened sensitivity to Stuff That Could Potentially Get Us In Trouble.  So now there are things I can do but not mention or promote in print, and things that I’m not supposed to advertise OR do.  Urgh.

I spent much of the day a little on edge because after looking at legal documents online that I might or might not have to fill out to settle my mother’s estate, I’d embraced my sense of bewilderment and decided to hire a lawyer to help me out and make sure I was doing stuff correctly.  My appointment was for tonight, because I needed a ride up to Westchester and tonight was when my boyfriend was available after school to drive me.

EXCEPT … he ended up having an emergency in the form of a missing child.  This was a child who decided to go to her friend’s house instead of going straight home, and who later turned up fine and unharmed.  But at the time he was supposed to be picking me up, he was still at the school, dealing with the family and the police.

So I went home and called the lawyer to tell him that I was running late, but he wasn’t able to fit me into his schedule at a later time.  So now I have to reschedule the visit for next week instead, which means I’m still in limbo in the “what the hell am I supposed to be doing?” department.

Adding to this stress is the fact that my cat has been showing his age lately.  So now I’m worried about him losing his appetite, spending even more time sleeping, and spending more time hiding in different places in the apartment (right now he’s hiding somewhere behind or under the couch).  It’s been a long day, a long week, and a long month.  I don’t feel like I have the strength to handle more bad news right now.