And no, I have no idea how many blog posts I’ll eventually fill with pictures of memorable stuff from my mother’s apartment.  Every time we visit, we find more and more stuff …

Foreign CoinsForeign coins

Even More CoinsEven more coins

DON'T PanicMy favorite instruction from this first aid poster is #1: DON’T panic!

Catherine Deneuve SunglassesCatherine Deneuve sunglasses

Paper PowderPaper powder — my boyfriend had never seen these before, but my mother kept one in every purse … and she had a LOT of purses.  Full disclosure: I have one of these in my purse, too.

Wool MittensWool mittens — definitely hand-made, and possibly Latvian

Long Wool GlovesLong wool gloves

Watts Dust BugWatts Dust Bug: “The Original Automatic Record Cleaner For Transcription Turntables”  This is one of my favorite finds so far!

Metal Tape MeasureMetal tape measure.  I remember this from my childhood, and I always just thought it was an ordinary tape measure.  But my boyfriend says it’s unusual for it to be made of metal (and thus very heavy) and could be useful for surveyors.  Okay, when he FIRST asked me if I knew what it was used for, I said, “Chucking it at someone’s head in self defense?”

Johnnie Walker Red Tool Box“Johnnie Walker Red” toolbox.  This is the toolbox I remember from my childhood.

Eskimo FanEskimo fan.  This wouldn’t be sold nowadays, because of the risk of injury and probably because the name isn’t very PC.  But “Inuit fan” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

Eureka ManHad you ever heard of EUREKA MAN?  No, me neither.  This is one segment of a poster explaining how Eureka vacuums are the best thing ever.

Little Lamp With a Big BulbLittle lamp with a big bulb

Mysterious Tied PackageThis was the most exciting thing we found, or at least we thought it was.  What would be wrapped up in a bag, tied up with twine, mysteriously labeled, and put into a suitcase that was stuck in the back of a closet?

Feather PillowUgh!!!  It was a really old lumpy pillow, filled with really old feathers!

Water FilterWater filter

Samsonite SilhouetteSamsonite Silhouette ad.  I will never be this stylish in my life.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have that hat.

Old ToolboxA very old metal toolbox.  My boyfriend found this in a closet.  My brother and I had never seen it before.

Folded ScissorsFolded scissors.  I thought these were fascinating, but my boyfriend thought they were ordinary.