Saturday I spent most of the day reading, watching TV, and hanging out at home.  And then in the afternoon my boyfriend dropped me off for my weekly visit at my mother’s place, which was mercifully short.  On the way out I snagged one of the phonebooks in her lobby because — Hey! Yonkers phone book! — and then we went to my library just as it was closing so that I could donate the phonebook to a good cause.  Seriously, you’d be surprised by how many patrons come to the library looking for phone books that we don’t have!

Then we went to the Hunan Balcony to have a lovely dinner (I had chicken and shrimp dishes, and my boyfriend had beef and pork dishes).  They seated us by the window, and the afternoon light was just lovely for photographing food, and so I did:

Crystal Shrimp DumplingsChinese Dinners

And then today I … wait, what the hell DID I do?  Well, the plan was to stay indoors because it was going to rain all day, and to catch up with my books and DVDs because my boyfriend was going to be out with his friends for most of the day.  Well, most of the rain held off, but I was already in the “stay at home” mindset so … I stayed home.  I hung out with the cat, who was also in a lazy mood:

Yawning Kitty

But, you know, HE’S A CAT.  So being in a lazy mood is a regular day for him.  Anyway, I finished reading a book I need to review by tomorrow, and I spent an enormous chunk of the day watching the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce.  Because, hey, I LOVE the movie starring Joan Crawford!  And while I did love the miniseries for the most part, the ending of the miniseries was, like, 1000% different from the ending of the movie.  So while I thought it was extremely well done, when it was over I felt kind of confused and bewildered.

And … oh … I see … Well, after a further investigation on IMDB, I’ve just learned that the ending of the movie was altered from the original novel.  So the miniseries is closer to the original story.  Okay, I still feel bewildered, but at least I see WHY I’m bewildered, if that makes any sense.

So then my boyfreind came home and we had dinner, watched The Simpsons, and Family Guy, and Cosmos.

And I can start being productive again tomorrow 🙂