Full disclosure: I was not the librarian who had this exchange, but it was shared with me moments after it happened and I just HAD to share it with you.

So let’s set the scene here …

The antagonist is the LIBRARY PATRON, a man who comes to the library all the time, uses our computers all the time, and needs help all the frigging time.  Well, what he really needs is a secretary or a personal assistant, but instead he has an entire library staff to ask questions like, “How do I attach this file?” or “How do I copy and paste this?” or “Why can’t I find this file?” or “Can you help me find this file so I can attach it?”  Let’s just say that whenever he approaches the desk, we all fear those magic words, “Can I just ask you a quick question?”  Because it is NEVER EVER EVER a quick question.

The protagonist is the LIBRARIAN, also known as the hero of this picture.

LIBRARY PATRON: I had $1.00 on this copy card and added 25 cents, but now it says I only have 35 cents!

LIBRARIAN: It sounds like you had 10 cents left on the card, not $1.00.

LIBRARY PATRON: No.  It was $1.00.

LIBRARIAN: Okay, but the math adds up.  If you added a quarter, and now it says 35 cents …

[they go through a few more rounds of this, and then …]



FWIW, as a former Mensa member (no, I didn’t get stupider; I just stopped paying dues), I am personally embarassed by people who throw their IQ scores around to try to show off.  And I’ll also point out that there are MANY examples of people with high IQs who aren’t “smart,” if you know what I mean.