Saturday was a long and lousy day at the library.  There were irate and surly patrons, too many kids making too much noise, plus I ended the day filling out a security incident report while covering the desk.  So by the time I left, I wanted to exchange that day for another day.  Preferably one that sucked less.

Then I went home, and later we went out to have dinner with the Geek Patrol, which involved some lovely Chinese food and an unintentionally hilarious film in the form of the 1951 “classic” Flight to Mars.  At first I thought that the appearance of Morris Ankrum was going to be the most exciting thing about this movie (it says something about how many b-movies I’ve seen that I was excited about his appearance).  But then we saw the elaborate and wacky outfits, and that brought a whole new level of happiness to the experience.

Flight to Mars TELETUBBIESFlight to Mars Ridiculous Shoes

This morning was my weekly visit to my mother, which was not good but not lousy, which is about the most I can expect nowadays.

Then this afternoon we went on a food tour of the Upper West Side, which was extremely awesome.  We walked and ate, and walked and drank, and walked and ate some more.  Oh, and we also did some shopping here and there …

Food Tour Shopping Spree

So the rest of the week we’ll be able to continue enjoying our sweet purchases, and maybe even share a few of them …