Due to a confluence of several conditions — I was feeling blue this morning, and my latest virus scan had detected spyware so I couldn’t use my PC for several hours while I was fixing the problem and running scans — I decided to catch up with some DVDs I’d checked out from the library.

First I watched two Razzie nominees.  After Earth was just as bad as I remembered from when I saw it in the movie theater (yes, I saw it in the theater, why do you ask?)  The Smurfs 2 was doofy on several levels, but curiously sweet and poignant in other ways.  Full reviews on both of those films to follow.

Then I watched Europa Report, which is a small but amazing science fiction movie that reminded me a little of Moon and a little of some Soviet sci-fi films I’ve seen over the last year.

Europa Report

If you enjoy science fiction, if you enjoy innovative and challenging films, or if you’d like to watch something space-oriented while you’re waiting for your copy of Gravity to arrive, then you should definitely check out Europa Report!