I stopped by work to pick up and drop off books and DVDs for my mother and me.  On a related note, I was returning the DVD of my first-ever Adam Sandler movie Grown Ups, which I watched in preparation for watching the Razzie-nominated Grown Ups 2.  Which begged the question … so, what exactly about this film screamed “You should make a sequel”???

I did a lot of Tumblr updating.  This isn’t especially labor-intensive, but all of this scrolling is starting to make me feel like I’m developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm.  Apparently, this is what I get for deciding to follow 100 other Tumblrs.  Yes, you heard me correctly.

I submitted several book reviews online — one for a magazine, and one for an in-house YA committee.

I met Betsy for a lovely coffee/tea/chocolate break this afternoon.

And I re-read Divergent today, in preparation for the movie release next month.

Over the next few days, I have more reading planned, more cooking (Beef and Red Wine Broth from The Silver Palate Cookbook), plus we’re going on a eating-and-walking tour of the Upper West Side on Sunday afternoon.