Yesterday my boyfriend and I went downtown to see the oscar-nominated animated short films at the IFC Center, and it’s definitely going to be a stiff competition this year.  I enjoyed all of the nominees, but I have a feeling that Get a Horse or Mr. Hublot will win … unless they go with my dark-horse pick of Feral.  Oh, and to fill out the running time they always add in a few more short films, and A La Francaise was oddly hilarious and The Blue Umbrella made me cry (even though I’d already seen it once before).

After the movie we got some lovely dumplings at the nearby Dumpling Kingdom:

Shrimp Shu Mai

And then we walked around for a while longer …

Bright Mural on Houston Street

and went to Whole Foods to do some shopping for tonight’s dinner.

Today I made Pork Loin With Warm Dijon Potato Salad from Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2, and it came out very well (the potato salad part was especially superb!)

Pork Loin and Potatoes

While that was cooking I did three loads of laundry, watched a Booklist webinar about upcoming YA books, and recorded and uploaded a podcast.  I also took some pictures of the cat, who was very disrupted by my laundry plan (he was sad that I was washing one of his favorite blankets):

Kitty on the Mattress

Now we’re watching American Idol (spiritual advisors?  Really?), but soon we’ll be switching over to PBS to watch a program about the old Penn Station and then an episode of Frontline about companies that target teens.