My boyfriend and I have next week off.  We’ll be spending most of it together, although we’ll probably split up for one or two days so that we can each stop in at work and catch up with stuff.  Okay, HIS version of stopping in at work involves going in to school and actually working for several hours.  While MY version of stopping in at work involves going in, dropping off some morale-boosting treats for my colleagues, picking up and dropping off books and DVDs for my mother and me, and then running out again before someone has the idea to ask me if I could cover a desk for a while.

I’m planning to catch up with a bunch of stuff, like reading the pile of YA books on my desk, watching the stack of library DVDs on my desk, and sorting through and posting the lovely and increasingly-snowy pictures I’ve been taking over the last week.

I want to do some cooking.  I’m perusing The Slow Cooker Revolution Voume 2 to get some ideas.  I’m thinking of a pork roast, and possibly a brisket.  Okay, I’m OFTEN thinking of brisket, but this is a different recipe involving Coca-Cola!

I have to do some work-related stuff from home — request some books that my Teen Advisory Group thought we needed, dust off my old brain cells to answer a question about our old YA training methods with the goal of developing new YA training methods (!!!), listen to a webinar about new YA book releases, and keep up with the ongoing flow of Tumblr posts.

I’d like to go downtown to see the Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films.  I’d like to watch House of Cards Season 2.  According to this article from i09, as a fan of HBO’s True Detective I need to read this book [ETA: just adjusted the link since the first one wasn’t working properly].  I’d also like to check out the noodles and dumplings at Xi’an Famous Foods

And a hypothetical day trip is hypothetically in the works.  Some place we could go either by train or with a Zip car, since my boyfriend’s parents’ car is still blocked into their garage by a wall of ice.

Stay tuned!