OMG, has it been cold.  And slushy.  And miserable.  And yet sometimes also lovely:

Snow Covered Fence at NightThis was a snow-covered fence I saw on my way home from work after the first major snowfall.

Giant IciclesOn Wednesday morning after a major snow / ice / slush combo, I waited over half an hour for the bus that would take me to my chiropractor’s office.  Finally I gave up and took a cab to get there … and she was late, too!  While I stood shivering on the sidewalk waiting for her to arrive, I took this picture of some giant icicles nearby.

Waiting for a BusWaiting for a bus in Riverdale.  Hmmm … I wonder how treacherous that bus stop is?

Snow and Slush Pit at the Bus StopAh.  It turns out that it was very dangerous, indeed.  It also turns out that my boots, while warm and fleecy on ordinary days, were not at all waterproof when it came to icy-cold slush pits at bus stops and intersections.  And my super-absorbent socks didn’t help the situation at all.  My feet got soaked FOUR TIMES in one day!

Today things were still icy, but overall more bearable.  I didn’t slip and fall and my feet didn’t get soaked once, so it was relatively positive for me.  Although Betsy couldn’t even get her car out of her driveway this morning, so things were not happy all over.

I did get to go out to dinner with my friends tonight, which was lovely.  The good news was that we didn’t have to cancel our plans entirely, but the bad news was that we had to meet up closer to work, which was a little awkward because part of our conversation was about work-related gossip.  Luckily, we are highly skilled at speaking in code.

… Okay, actually we’re not.  Especially not after splitting a bottle of hot sake with dinner.  I kept losing track of what code name I was supposed to be using.  Anyway, I certainly hope that Monica Lewinsky wasn’t eating at the same restaurant, because otherwise it could be very embarassing.

Oh, and speaking of embarassing, I mentioned last week that several Big Things had happened.  Well, one of them was embarassing to me and the other one was embarassing to me but could also be potentially embarassing to someone else, so I’m only going to write about one of them here …

So here was the “embarassing to me” story, which I’m sharing in the interest of full disclosure and general hilarity.  So I’m working at the public service desk when a former co-worker stops by to visit me.  She says, “I’ve been reading your blog …” and that’s when I start mentally sifting through everything I’ve been blogging about for the last few months to figure out which topic she wants to talk about.  Of course, it’s my health, which is the most embarassing one.  Now, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who a) read my blog, b) might stop by my library at any given moment, and c) care enough about me to ask about my well-being, and she’s on that very short list.  Usually when people care about me or are worried about me they either comment on my blog or send me an email (Mr. X’s “I am reading your blog with increasing alarm” subject lines always tend to jump-start my heart).

But anyway, the invitation is now open to have a deeply personal conversation … except I’m at the frigging service desk, which means that I have to decide if I’m going to talk about my perimenopause, my hormone fluctuations, my crying jags, and whether or not I’ve started to go to therapy WHILE THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE STANDING TWO FEET AWAY WAITING TO CHECK OUT BOOKS.  So this led to a very strange conversation, in which I tried to touch on these life-changing subjects in a vague and roundabout way, using phrases like “this condition” and “that kind of treatment.”

Ironically, I was having this conversation just one day after a patron who’d been looking for her library card in her purse said to me, “Oh, good, my wallet’s here.  I was worried I’d left it in the therapist’s office.”  I wonder if I would ever be comfortable enough with the idea of therapy that I would mention it in casual conversation with total strangers.

Yeah, probably not.  But I could probably afford to lighten up a little.

Anyway, the rest of the week will be filled with work, more work, some tumblr stuff (I’m slowly getting the hang of this thing), and … oh, yeah … I’m going to see Vampire Academy!  Could it POSSIBLY be as good as the book?  I have no idea, but the trailer looks pretty doofy.