My mother had to use her Life Alert system several times this week because she’d fallen out of her wheelchair, and I had a couple of tense days calling back and forth with Life Alert and the hospital where she was taken.  I’ve spoken to her several times since then, and I’m going to see her tomorrow.  My boyfriend has some ideas about installing new railings in the apartment for her, so I’m going to be taking some pictures while I’m there.

I went downtown to meet with my YA Lit group last night, which was on the one hand fun and enlightening because we got to talk about a romance novel that actually didn’t suck.  To be fair, that’s probably because it was lighter on the romance and heavier on the exotic Russian/Soviet setting.  On the other hand, our meeting was sad and enlightening because … well, because I got enlightened about the future of library programming.  Or lack thereof.  It was bad enough knowing that we probably wouldn’t get a lot of programs because there wasn’t enough money in the budget.  But now there’s this new wall we’re facing made up of liability insurance and worst-case scenarios, and our future is going to be filled with fewer programs.  Which, frankly, sucks.  Both for our statistics and our patrons.

We’ve been having issues with the heat in our apartment, which never EVER happens.  It’s often too warm, but never too cold.  Well, according to the emails circulating today from our tenants association it’s a building-wide problem, so a bunch of us filed complaints with 311 which should hopefully get our boiler (furnace?) working more frequently or at least more efficiently.

Oh, and I can share my weird/entertaining moment of the week.  Okay, so if I’m helping someone at the library service desk and one of my colleagues calls to help the next patron on line and that person DOESN’T step down … we have different theories about why they made that choice.

  • Maybe the patron was hard of hearing or distracted and didn’t hear the invitation to step down.
  • Maybe the patron needed to speak to me, personally, about something.
  • Maybe the patron has tried to ask my colleague an information question before with mixed results and now prefers the “librarian” end of the desk.

OR …

  • Today’s answer, which was that the woman in question was checking out a rather tawdry book, and if she had to check it out with me or with my male colleague, I guess I was the better choice.  It was quite a strain to keep my usual poker face and not bust a gut laughing, though.  I also think that it is a great indicator of my maturity that I waited for two whole minutes after she’d left the building before I told D. the reason she’d picked me to check out her books instead of him.

Anyway, it’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to what little weekend I have left.  We just finished watching 20 Feet From Stardom, and it was as good as I’d hoped, filled with great music and poignant stories.

Time for bed soon.  Perhaps with an extra blanket.