Another local vacation week, featuring pictures of NYC neighborhoods, unexpected animal sightings, and (of course) food.

Snow and Long ShadowsSnow and long shadows in Riverdale.

Snow by Mt St Vincent CollegeSnow on Riverdale Avenue, in front of the College of Mount St. Vincent.

Curved Building on Central Park WestCurved building on Central Park West near 100th Street

Clouds Over Central ParkClouds over Central Park near W. 100th Street

Metro Theater SignOld art deco Metro Theater sign (soon to be transformed into an Alamo Drafthouse theater)

Under the Metro Theater AwningUnder the Metro Theater awning.

Sal and Carmines Pizza SignsSigns outside of Sal & Carmine’s Pizza

Sal and Carmine's SliceSal & Carmine’s slice

Meat Case at Whole FoodsThe meat case at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods Market.  Do you see that giant brisket?  That was MY giant brisket!

Going Up the Escalator at the Time Warner CenterThe cool view coming up the escalator from the Whole Foods Market

Sparrows in the Subway StationSparrows underground in the subway station.  Perhaps an indicator of just how cold it was outside?

Brisket in the Crock PotHere’s the giant brisket in the Crock Pot.  This made lots of meals to enjoy and share!

Kitty on the Heating Pad*SIGH* This is what happens when I leave my desk chair unattended and the heating pad on …

Doughnut Plant MenuMenu at the Donught Plant on 23rd Street at the Chelsea Hotel

Doughnut Plant BagThis was the bag of goodies I brought to share with my colleagues at work.  One of my coworkers was such a fan of the Doughnut Plant that she knew where I’d been from the design on the bag!

Snails in Columbus CircleGiant red snails in Columbus Circle, because … um … why not???

Columbus Statue and the CNN SignChristopher Columbus and a CNN sign

8th Avenue at Night8th Avenue on a wet and foggy night

Bison Burger at BareburgerBison burger at Bareburger.  Actually, this was my boyfriend’s burger.  I got the buttermilk fried chicken burger, but mine wasn’t as photogenic as this one.