So, I went to the doctor this morning to see if my recent medical issues (abnormal periods / mood swings / gastric distress) were all signs of perimenopause or something else.  I anticipated that the physical exam would be lousy (and indeed it was).  But the part of the conversation that I thought was going to turn to “here are some herbal remedies that can help” instead turned to several different all-natural directions I hadn’t expected.  Those being the “let me stress the importance of ‘taking care of your own needs'” direction [ETA: Pardon my delicate phrasing, but in the interest of clarity what I mean by that is “the importance of masturbation”] and the “I’m going to recommend some therapists who can help you with some of your ‘unresolved issues'” direction.  Oh, did I fail to mention that I started crying in the doctor’s office while I was discussing my symptoms?  And that I cried all the way home?

Jesus Christ, I need a nap.  And, apparently, a therapist.

Anyway, I should be hearing soon about the results of the physical tests, including blood work to rule out a thyroid condition.  And in the meantime … no, I’m too tired to think right now.  I’m going to warm up some soup, and then take that nap.  And then tonight I’m going to a screening of a movie that just might turn out to be a tearjerker.


[ETA: I survived the movie.  It was beautiful and poignant, but did not leave me crying in the fetal position afterwards, which was a plus.  I’ll tell you about it next week after it comes out in theaters].