I actually made it in to work on time today, which only makes sense because there was so little traffic on the street.  I had the branch to myself for over an hour, during which time I completed most of the opening procedures, answered the phone a lot (“Oh my God!  You’re OPEN???”) and managed to get some weeding and shelving done.

Oh, and I also made a ginormous sign on our whiteboard outside explaining that we were having a delayed opening.  Of course, everyone walked right past that sign and tried the door anyway, so I ended up pulling the sign over so that it was practically blocking the door and could no longer be ignored.

I spent most of the day taking off the layers of clothing that had protected me in the freezing temperatures outside, and then re-bundled back up at the end of the day for my dark and chilly trip back home …

Icy Sidewalk at Night

Tomorrow is the beginning of my next vacation week (Woo-Hoo!), and in addition to my usual shopping trips I’ll be doing a bunch of socializing and catching up with doctors’ appointments.

I want to check out some unique food places and photograph some cool spots in NYC next week.  So … any suggestions?