Hmmm.  Now I’m thinking that post title sounded a little bit grouchy.  Well, I haven’t had my champagne yet, so give it time.  Perhaps I’ll mellow out in a little while.

Anyway, I needed to record a quick podcast tonight, but it took several times longer than it should have because one of my neighbors KEPT BLOWING A NOISEMAKER HORN OUT THE WINDOW.  BECAUSE … I DON’T KNOW … HE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY??????

So after I was done, I ended up having to spend a bunch of time editing my recording by cutting out things like this:

podcast editing 1[The horn goes off, and I deliver the first of several f-bombs]

and this:

podcast editing 2[The horn continues to sound, and I start laughing.  This is then followed by almost a minute of more horn-blowing, more cursing, more laughing, and my boyfriend chiming in to say that I should put up a recording just of my outtakes.  Which, BTW, is a hilarious idea but it’s not gonna happen because this podcast is all, like, “professional” and stuff.]

*SIGH*  Well, that was almost as much fun as whenever I try to record anything in the weeks leading up to the 4th of July, because that’s another time of year when people in my neighborhood like to make noise.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Time for some champagne.  Happy New Year, Dear Readers!!!