My boyfriend suggested that since we actually had a day off at the same time (he’s on his winter break from school and today’s my free day this week) that we go out to Coney Island and take a walk on the boardwalk.  So I’ve got my camera charging up — I haven’t taken pictures in Coney Island since the summer of 2005 — and we’re getting ready to go.

I have two additional landmarks circled on my map.  After our walk, I’ll be stopping by the Coney Island branch of the Brooklyn Public Library to use their wifi to check my email (we still haven’t received next week’s schedule, and sometimes our manager sends it to me to pass on to the rest of the staff).  And we’ll also be stopping by Totonno’s Pizza, because I’ve been wanting to go there for over a decade and I’ll finally be back in the neighborhood!

ETA: The walk was brisk but lovely, we still don’t have the schedule yet, and the Totonno’s pizza was delightful.  Pictures coming soon!

Also ETA: Wow — I just discovered that the community gardens we saw at Coney Island on Friday were razed by the city on Saturday: