Yesterday was a pretty lousy day.  I had a very bad night’s sleep, and then I finally woke up feeling groggy and energized at the same time, if that makes any sense.  So I decided to walk to work again to try to burn off some of my energy and clear my head a little.  I got dressed in an outfit that was more presentable than usual — I had to introduce a program later that afternoon, so no jeans or sneakers — and went to work.

Most of my day was spent at one of the service desks, and whenever I wasn’t covering a desk I was either at lunch, rearranging the furniture in our program room, or introducing and photographing a program.  We had a morning program and an afternoon program, and the room needed to be reset for each one.  What added insult to injury was that after all the effort of taking chairs out of the storage closet to get ready for a big audience for our super-special afternoon program, only seven people showed up for it and each one had PLENTY of chairs to choose from.  By the end of the day I had lifted so many tables and chairs so many times (including when I reset the room AGAIN for Monday’s program) that all I wanted to do was either curl up and go to sleep or take a long hot bath.  I finally got home, took off my boots and discovered that I now had blisters on both of my heels.  Hmmm … perhaps walking to work wasn’t one of my better ideas.

When I got home I started the de-stressing process by watching some more classic Star Trek episodes over dinner.  Seriously, though … “The Mark of Gideon” and “That Which Survives” might be two of the most ridiculous episodes ever made.  So I’m watching “The Mark of Gideon,” and even as I’m describing the plot to my boyfriend I’m saying … well, obviously if you take two seconds to think about it THAT would never work … and THAT doesn’t make any sense … and THAT is just insane.  Well, if you look at the “Goofs” listing on IMDB you’ll see lots and LOTS of examples of plot holes in this episode.  And honestly, “That Which Survives” might be tied with “Spock’s Brain” as the stupidest episode of this series.

That Which SurvivesI am for you … and ONLY you …

The long and short of it is that both of these episodes made me laugh, which helped to relieve some of my stress.

Then today I followed up my bad TV enjoyment with a bad movie, namely the 1957 “classic” Attack of the Crab Monsters.  Which, although being only 62 minutes long (!!!) certainly takes long enough to show us the frigging monsters.  But when we do get to see them, oh what a joy they are!

Attack of the Crab Monsters

Okay, I guess “joy” is a relative term, but since goofy-looking monsters make me happy, then “joy” definitely applies in my case.

The latest part of my de-stressing procedure today was using a bath bomb that was very valuable in part because I had to brave a gauntlet of overly gung-ho LUSH salespeople in order to buy it.  It made my bathwater an unusual green color:

Bath Bomb

And when I was in the tub I felt like I was the Creature From the Black Lagoon.  Anyway, one bath bomb and one sugar scrub later, and I feel like an entirely new person.  I’m now a softer and more wrinkly new person, to be sure, but still it’s a change for the better.

Now I need to find some more bad movies to finish repairing my psyche.  Perhaps a sword-and-sandal epic?  Tomorrow is going to be another short-staffed and crazy day, and I’ll take all the morale boosts I can get.