So, I made those pumpkin muffins the other day.  They came out pretty well, except Betsy thought they were a little on the dry side, I had some trouble thinning out the glaze to the right consistency, and because the tops of the muffins were uneven the final products looked like they were glazed by a mental patient.

Glazed Pumpkin Muffins

… but, I mean, other than THAT they were okay.

Anyway, my boyfriend has been devouring the rest of the batch, so according to him they’re good.  If I do make them again, I think I’ll follow the advice in the recipe and use an ice cream scoop to form the muffins so that they’ll look more symmetrical (and thus less mental).  I’ll also have to get the hang of the glaze to get the consistency better next time.  And I’ll have to figure out what was going on with the moisture balance.

I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping online lately, but I went back to the market at Bryant Park today to get some more goodies to go into my friends’ gift bags.  Unfortunately, when I got to the Jolie’s Sweet Creations stand, the Kronies hadn’t been delivered yet!  ARGH!  So I ended up buying some lovely eclairs instead.

And in health news, it turns out that my suspicion that I was heading towards menopause was confirmed by WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, and this handy list of 35 symptoms of perimenopause.  So who knew that it was called “perimenopause” and who knew that there were 35 symptoms?  Anyway, reading that list on the one hand made me a little nervous because of the symptoms I might face in the future but on the other hand made me feel a little less insane about all the ones I’ve been dealing with over the last several months.

On the plus side, I can print out that list, highlight all the ones I’m feeling, and bring it to my doctor the next time I see her.  Still, though, this definitely falls in the “what a drag it is getting old” category.