This week I have a free day, a vacation day, and a day that I’m using up a backlog of comp time.  So I’ve got a weird on again / off again / on again schedule.

I did some shopping at C-Town today, so tomorrow I’ll be staying inside (and thus warm) for most of the day.  My plan is to catch up on some laundry and experiment with a pumpkin muffin recipe to see if it will make something good enough to bring to our staff holiday shindig next week.  Tomorrow night I’m going out to dinner with friends, and then I’ve got the rest of that on again / off again week.

In the meantime … I’m doing some online Christmas shopping, working on a blog post about video games, and starting to read Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.  Oh, and have you guys seen the clip of Gordon Ramsay in the new Muppet movie?  It’s very cute.