I’m still sorting through the pictures I took on my travels over the last week, but meanwhile, here are a bunch of delightful foods I’ve enjoyed over the last month …

Cro Dough at Gregorys GoffeeIt’s amazing how many places have put their own spin on the “cronut” idea.  A while back, I met Another Bx Librarian at a place called Gregory’s Coffee, which for the record has delightful coffee and an amazing confection that they call a “cro dough.”  After we ate this one, I had to go back and buy several more to share with friends.

Brisket and Eggs at the Vinegar Factory“Brisket of Beef Hash With Two Fried Eggs” from the brunch menu at Eli’s Vinegar Factory.  I’d been there a dozen times before to shop, but this was my first trip upstairs to enjoy their weekend brunch.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs at the Indian Road CafeCorned Beef Hash and Eggs at the Indian Road Cafe.  Do we see a theme here?  Oh, and half the reason I took the picture was because the food was so lovely, but the other half was because the morning light was JUST RIGHT.

Pizza With Meatballs and Pickled Chiles at PulinosThe menu at Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria looked so good that I overcame my normal aversion to going to a sit-down restaurant by myself (I always feel lame announcing myself as a “party of one”).  I was in the mood for pizza, and most of the pizzas on their menu mixed ingredients I know and love (like meatballs) with ingredients I’d never order (like pickled chiles).  BTW, the staff were very nice and attentive to me, which at first I assumed meant that they felt sorry for me sitting all by myself.  But then I realized that since I’d been photographing my food they might have thought that I was a food blogger/reviewer.   FWIW, their pizza was both delicious and unusual … and I hope their soda machine has been fixed!

Schaller and Weber BratwurstThis stand selling Schaller & Weber bratwurst was one of the many, many food options available at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops.  I had one with mustard and sauerkraut on a pretzel roll.  Delightful!

NY Chimney CakeAnother option at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops was this very unusual creation.  Officially called a “chimney cake,” it’s part pretzel, part cake, and … part Doomsday Machine?

Doomsday Machine