I’m at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops right now, logging on to their wifi because THIS COULD NOT WAIT.

Well, if you were looking for reasons to come here, there are quite a few. I just ate some delightful chicken dumplings from the Hong Kong Street Cart, I bought chocolate-covered cornflakes from Jacques Torres, and I’m going to buy some earrings from Momo Glass.

But this year, I stopped by the Jolie’s Sweet Creations stand because I saw that they had whoopie pies … and then I saw THESE instead. They are two examples of this year’s “in” dessert, namely the Boston Cream and Pumpkin varieties. Now, the real test of self-control is … will I actually bring them home intact, so we can enjoy them after dinner tonight?

ETA: I just got home and double-checked the JSC website.  Their croissant-donut hybrid is officially called a Kronie!  And since you were all wondering, YES, I did manage to get them home without eating them.  So after our delightful dinner (Philly cheese steaks, Italian fries, and onion rings from Shorty’s) we can have Kronies for dessert!