So, today was one hell of a day.

In the morning I visited one of my favorite middle schools, but this visit was different because I had a two-person entourage with me.  My colleagues were there to observe me in action, which is honestly the best way to learn how to conduct a class visit.  My best experiences with class visits were always spent watching other librarians at the front of the class, learning what to do and what not to do as I watched them interact with their audience.

It was also fun observing from my end, watching them crack up when the kids would interrupt me, or start applauding (this was one of the most applause-happy groups I’ve dealt with in a while), or rush up to the front of the room to get free bookmarks and look at the books I’d discussed.

One of my colleagues took a bunch of pictures, and I’m still going through them to whittle out all the ones in which I’m blurry, or I look like a dork, or the kids look like they’re goofing off … so … I think there might be one or two pictures that might actually be useable.

Then I was on the desk, out to lunch, and back on the desk.  Then this afternoon I was shadowed by yet another colleague, an information assistant who’s thinking of starting her own teen advisory group and wanted to see mine.  Luckily, my kids were fairly well-behaved, and even when they were rowdy they were rowdy in a good way.  Which means that my day began and ended in a fairly similar fashion — that is, on a chaotically positive note.

But there were a few things wrong with the middle of the day, by which I mean that a bunch of our worst and weirdest problem patrons all descended on the library at the same time.  It’s almost like some kind of a secret signal went out, saying YOU MUST COME TO THE LIBRARY NOW, and the people who responded to that signal included:

  • The guy who claims to be a teacher, but I hope he isn’t because he has some pretty severe anger management problems (and he’s the one who helped to make my last Saturday such a godawful disaster).
  • The man who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Dead Poet of Forgotten Lore, who always needs computer help and who always looks like he’s a few minutes away from a nervous breakdown.
  • The SUPER CREEP, who is now equally known for the time he punched one of our computers (again, we suspect anger management issues) and the fact that he seems creepily obsessed with one of my coworkers (who asked to be escorted to her car when she left the building today because of this guy’s vibes).
  • The Evil Weatherman.

I will say that it was a very strange experience for me to walk from my office into the program room past all of these crazy people with a visitor in tow.  Because, you know, if it’s just me I think I can deal with a crazy patron.  I might stand my ground, or cut and run, or go for help, or whatever.  But if I’m bringing a visitor from another branch through a gauntlet of craziness and I’m waiting to see which of them goes off the deep end first, it puts me on edge in a much different way.



So now I have a week off to recuperate from all of this nuttiness and excitement.  I think I’ll do some shopping, and reading, and cooking, and relaxing, and … maybe some more shopping?