Okay, Dear Readers.  You are all cordially invited to guess which of the objects on this list were recently discovered at one branch of the public library:

1.    An empty liquor bottle in the men’s public restroom

2.    A pregnancy test (result: negative) in the women’s public restroom

3.    A small plastic bag filled with marijuana out in the public area

4.    All of the above

I’ll give you a minute to carefully consider your answer …

Yes, that’s right.  the correct answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

# 1 and # 2 were discovered by our intrepid custodian (he has discovered many empty liquor bottles — primarily whiskey and beer — in our public restrooms before, but this was his first pregnancy test).  # 3 was discovered by one of our patrons, who started yelling and thus brought it to our attention.  Oh, and since # 3 is technically, you know, ILLEGAL, that meant that our security people and local law enforcement had to be called in.  And let me tell you, nothing entertains police officers more than having to come to the public library to pick up an itty-bitty bag of marijuana.

Oh, and if it helps to bring these items into sharper focus, I should add that they were all discovered within a 24-hour period.  Yowza!